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Have you ever fancied playing a game of croquet? Well nowís your chance.

The Croquet Section of the Craven Lawn Tennis Club is looking for new members for the new season starting in May.

Itís a fascinating game, combining skill and tactics played in our pleasant outdoor setting. Often likened to outdoor snooker it is easy to pick up. Players hit coloured balls through a series of wire hoops on grass lawn with a wooden mallet. First one round the course wins. Simple! Itís not the most energetic of sports - in fact, physically youíll hardly notice youíre playing! Itís a sport where size, sex, age and, to some extent, ability are no handicap. Games can be played where the weaker player is given extra turns to even the odds of winning. At our Club we tend not to take it too seriously. It is more of a social afternoon (with tea and biscuits at half-time!).

All required equipment is supplied and players only need bring flat-soled shoes, a modicum of competitive spirit and some social appetite!

If youíre interested in finding out a bit more and how to get a free introduction to the game then come along to one of our afternoon sessions (Tuesdays and Thursdays 2-6pm) or contact:

 Croquet@craventennis/    or   telephone 01756 748851

 If you are captivated, as I am sure you will be, then join our Club and get some free tuition.