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The Club operates to the
following Child Protection Policy


Every child and young person who plays tennis should be able to participate in an enjoyable and safe environment and be protected from abuse. This is the responsibility of everyone involved in the game of tennis.

CRAVEN LAWN TENNIS CLUB recognises its responsibility to safeguard the welfare of all children and young people by protecting them from physical, sexual or emotional harm and from neglect or bullying.

CRAVEN LAWN TENNIS CLUB acknowledges, that child abuse can be a very emotive and difficult subject. It is important to understand the feelings involved but not to allow them to interfere with judgement about the action to be taken.

CRAVEN LAWN TENNIS CLUB is determined to meet its obligations to ensure that counties, clubs and organisations providing tennis opportunities for children and young persons do so, to the highest possible standard of care.

Through Implementing and adopting clear practices and procedures, in addition to a detailed training programme we aim to protect children and young people within tennis.

The key principles underpinning this policy are that:

  • The child’s welfare is, and must always be the paramount consideration.

  • All children and young people have a right to be protected from abuse regardless of their age, gender, disability, culture, language, racial origin, religious belief or sexual identity.

  • All suspicions and allegations of abuse will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and appropriately.

Working in partnership with children and young people and their parents/carers is essential. Social Services Departments have a statutory responsibility to ensure the welfare of children and young people. CRAVEN LAWN TENNIS CLUB is committed to working together with Social Services Department and local Area Child Protection Committees in accordance with their procedures.

If you have any queries regarding any of the above then please contact the Child Protection Officer:           Tel: 01756 799852

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